Danielle, Personal Growth & Development Coach


• Re-build your identity during a separation and after a divorce

• Set boundaries and re-define values

• Conscious parenting through challenging times

• Manage conflict at work and/or in the home

• Effectively manage stress levels at home/workplace

• Setting goals for well-being and self-care

• Strengthen and build interpersonal relationships at home and in the workplace

• Identify passions

• And much more…


I am a mum, a daughter, a sister to two amazing women, a crazy Aunty, and a former wife. I am a strong and self-determined woman who has been influenced by an array of significant life-changing experiences.

My life experiences, alongside skills gained through mediation, being a certified coach, and working towards a Master of Legal Studies (Dispute Resolution) and REAL Conflict Coaching accreditation, drive my intention to walk beside my clients through challenging times. I coach clients through a variety of life changes ranging from changing jobs to separation and divorce. I believe with robust support and the freedom to choose the life you want to create, you can find your profound inner strength to handle whatever life hands you – even during the toughest of times.


Barbara. Auckland, New Zealand

I found Danni very easy to work with; she listens, questions and genuinely cares about her clients. It was very clear she put in the time before, after, and between sessions to aid me on my journey. As a result of my time with Danni, I came away feeling confident in the decisions I had made, the direction I am pursuing, and my capabilities to deliver on those decisions.

Katy Denis

Danielle Turnbull is an active listener, she is compassionate, strong and caring, and a complete professional. Dedicated to helping people to be their best selves, Danielle always goes above and beyond to help her clients find inner strength to benefit all aspects of their life.
I have benefited from Danielle’s counsel over a number of years and I cannot recommend her more highly. Danielle has been a wonderful support to me, and she has certainly helped me to get through a range of difficult moments in my life, and come out the other side feeling empowered and more resilient. I am so grateful to have met Danielle.

Claire Yee

Danielle is a beacon of light who holds the space of transformation, with a depth of strength and a lightness of joy. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for support to rebuild and blossom through times of change.

Dr. A.M.K. Auckland New Zealand

I highly recommend Danielle Turnbull, who is inspired by a passion to assist people in the process of transforming their lives in a positive, joyful manner. Danni, who is both visionary and practical, is dedicated to her clients and embodies the best values of life coaching.

Jo Grogan Sydney, Australia

I highly recommend Danielle to anyone that is experiencing challenges in their lives and needs strong support. She is caring, kind, a great listener, and really present. When I was going through my divorce she was a light that helped me get through the darker patches, ever-present and considered in her guidance. She has the tools and experience to help you bring forward your best self, and to feel empowered through any struggles you may face.

Sarah Auckland, New Zealand

Dani is AMAZING! Her listening skills and questioning techniques are second to none. She truly heard what I needed to work through and made me feel completely comfortable to open up to explore my own answers. Thank you for bringing your calm and grounded nature to our session, it’s just what I needed to help me find clarity!

Lisa Auckland, New Zealand

Danni is truly a wise soul. Her beautiful wisdom has guided me towards much-needed clarity around my situation and that has allowed me to navigate my life with more ease. She cuts through the white noise and sees clearly what needs to be shifted. I’ve found Danni easy to talk to, down to earth, accepting, non-judgmental, and extremely motivating. I’d highly recommend her services for anyone going through a tough time who needs some support and direction.

Danielle. Queensland, Australia

Danielle has helped me numerous times over the years with various life situations. She has assisted me with structuring my thought patterns, thus achieving goals and mental clarity. She is both empathetic and compassionate and handles all situations in an entirely professional manner. Danielle is naturally gifted in her life coaching skills and I’m sure many people will benefit from seeing her.

Meegan. Christchurch, New Zealand

Danni has that really rare combination of experience and intuition which results in her ability to know just what to say, how to say it, and importantly when to say it. This combination of wisdom and ‘timing’ can mean the difference between me idling or taking action in the direction I know deep down I want to go in.

Jacquelyn Wan, Dance Therapist Auckland, New Zealand

Danielle is brilliant in her coaching skills and life experience. She asked questions to cultivate my true values and supported me to see my own strength. She is fun and down to the earth. I really enjoyed working with her, and I am sure you will too!

Claire Virtue, Psychotherapist Auckland, New Zealand

Danielle has become a colleague and co-facilitator with me facilitating a group for women who are building a new life after separation. She is passionate about women finding their own strength and listening to their inner wisdom. As a co-facilitator, Danielle has much to offer and is a steady rock for the group process. I look forward to continuing to work with Danielle.

Ellie LimWomen’s Services and Community Education Coordinator Auckland Women’s Centre, New Zealand

Dani has been a pleasure to work with. She has an infectious drive and motivation and “on to it ness” is delightful. Participants of the course that she co-facilitated at the Women’s Centre describe her as “warm, friendly, helpful kind, thoughtful and FANTASTIC.”
We feel very privileged to be working with her.

Scott P. Christchurch, New Zealand

I had been dreaming about starting my own business for a number of years but had long been experiencing both doubts in my own abilities to make it happen and fear of it failing if it finally got off the ground. In working with Danielle, she helped me to recognize that everything I needed to make my business successful was already inside of me, and gave me the tools I need to help turn down the doubt and fear and make my dream a reality.

Catherine Sanvictores, CEO, Mia BelleAuckland, New Zealand

Danielle is very professional and is passionate about guiding her clients to reach their best potential. She is extremely grounded, approachable and insightful, and is sensitive to each person’s needs. I come away feeling empowered after each session I have with Danielle. She helps me to believe that I have the strength to take control to face any situation. I warmly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for mediation and coaching.





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