I am a mum, a daughter, a sister to two amazing women, a crazy Aunty, and an ex-wife. I am a strong, empowered, and self-determined woman who has been influenced by significant life changing experiences.

I experienced divorce at two pivotal stages in my life – once as a teenager and the other as an adult woman – and during both, my trajectory 
substantially changed. One key point, however, has remained the same – I am always there to support people through the grief of a relationship break-up, separation and/or divorce; this has always been, and will always be, my purpose. 

My personal experience, alongside skills gained through mediation, being a certified coach, and working towards a Master of Legal Studies (Dispute Resolution), drives my intention to walk beside my clients through an immensely challenging time.

Each year, I witness transformations when I facilitate the annual Building A New Life After Separation workshop at the Auckland Women’s Centre. This program has been carefully designed to empower women to make their own choices about how they want to move forward during a separation / divorce, with a network of support beside them.  

I believe with robust support and freedom to choose the life we want to create, we can find deep within us profound inner strength to handle whatever life hands to us – even during the toughest of times.  I know first-hand that at times it may not feel this way and I am here to guide you to step forward on to your new path.

Welcome, this is the first step to creating the life you want.

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